We offer Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation and treatment including:

• acupuncture
• herbs
• diet therapy
• self-care techniques

• acupressure massage

All treatments include aromatherapy using essential oils for relaxation and emotional benefits.

At Sukhalaya, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory is used as the overarching diagnose technique. Our approach to treatment looks at the patients physical, mental and emotional conditions. 

In treatment we use TCM acupuncture, teach TCM self care techniques, Chinese dietary therapy and complimentary aromatherapy with each session.

We also advise daily self-care, post or interim treatments TCM self care techniques, Chinese diet therapy as well as self care massage techniques with aromatherapy oils.

We recommend Young Living Essential Oils ® and are able to teach you how to use these products.


From May 2020, we are offering online consultations to discuss your symptoms, give you support and advice on self-care. This includessimple self-massage techniques which you can do daily.


Initial consultation and treatment (90 min)

Follow up consultation and treatment (60 min)

Essential oil class (60 min)

Online initial consultation (60 min)

Online follow up consultation (45min)

Online essential oil class (45min)

Chinese Herbal Medicine (per week)

Young Living® essential oils and products